Dear customers! Our company provides financial services from 2004, we have official exchangers status in most major e-currencies. Our work during these years made us one of leaders in e-currency market, and we became one of world’s biggest and popular exchangers.

Currently we work with the following e-currencies: – Liberty Reserve, Global Digital Pay, C-Gold, Pecunix, Hoopay, Perfect Money, Paxum, PayPal, MoneyBookers, Neteller + few more will be added soon – Webmoney, PayPal, MoneyBookers, ePassporte, Neteller

Let us describe some of our services features:

+ Processing your orders and providing online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our support team works 24/7/365, doing their job day and night. Our extensive staff processes all orders in shortest time, for biggest customers we have special service of VIP-support, special rates and service conditions. We have support in english, spanish, and russian languages, and more coming soon.

+ Great opportunities for sending and receiving bank wire transfers. We have many business and personal bank accounts in countries like Panama, Latvia (EU), Ecuador, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Thailand, Jamaica, Hong-Kong (we work on making this list bigger). In most of listed countries we can accept cash deposits and send internal transfers, that are much faster and cheaper then international ones (sometimes even free). We have good connections with lawyers and accountants from different jurisdictions, that allows us to build optimal working schemes for our customers. We also have Technocash account so if you have one too, you can buy or sell e-currencies almost instantly!

+ Fastest processing of money transfers and big choise of supported systems (Western Union, MoneyGram, Xoom, Contact, etc). Our staff members are located in different countries at both hemispheres of planet, so we can process money transfers in shortest time – usually just few hours. [b] In working hours of our main office, we send WU transfers in just 15 minutes! [b] We are sending/receiving transfers in weekends and most holidays too. If you need to receive big amounts of transfers from your customers (if you own online-shop or etc) – contact our support team, we will give you requested number of receivers and will provide custom work conditions if needed.

+ Possibility to fund accounts in payment systems like Paypal, Moneybookers, Neteller and etc, that have big “black-lists” of countries. We have accounts in such systems, so if you need to send somebody Paypal/etc, but your country is not supported – we will help you without problems. Please also mention, that we not provide such services as ¨pp-mb-etc outexchange¨ at our sites, our accounts are funded from our workers credit cards, banks account and other “clean” sources. We guarantee that our funds are clean, and nobody of our customers ever had problems with payment refunds and other such things.

+ User-friendly and maximally automated websites. When you need exchange, you don´t need to contact someone in messenger, ask something before making transfers and etc (unless you need something very specific). All that you will need to do is just fill our order form. After making first order you will receive password for your personal account at our site, and all your information for future orders will be saved there. When you are doing out-exchange or exchange between various e-currencies, you will make payment at our website using merchant interface, after that you will need only check your e-mail after specified time and receive all payment details. When you are buying e-currencies from us, in few minutes after making your order, you will receive all further instructions and link for submitting payment details in your e-mail. All your (and our) personal information can be accessed only via secured connection, we never send any confidential data by e-mail/messengers/etc. We constantly improving our websites, including user interface, so if you have some suggestions please leave a message at our contact form. For urgent contacts with our support you can send messages from your personal account, for all other requests and consultations we have live chat (no software needed) and messenger support (icq, skype, msn and etc), e-mails and etc.

+ Representatives and offices in different countries, that allows to find optimal ways of sending payments from almost any part of world. We have offices in Latin American countries and Russia, also we have representatives in Asia and ex-USSR. If you need contact of some specific representative, please ask our support.

+ Almost no limits for maximal/minimal order amount. We can process almost any order – from micro-payments (we not have minimum for exchange, only have minimal fees depending on order type) to many digits amounts. We are glad to work with any customer, and will process any order with quality. If you can´t find desired service at our sites (but use common sense)), or fees seems to be too high – contact us, we´ll try to find solution. For our biggest customers we provide custom rates and terms of cooperation, and also special VIP-support.

You can trust us – for years of work we've earned perfect reputation. We successfully processed tens thousands orders during these years, you can find many testimonials from our clients at biggest forums. In past we had some “force majeure” situations too, but we never solved our problems for the expense of customers. If you are still not sure, we recommend split your desired exchange amount to few parts, and send it part by part; or first make test exchange with small amount – this will also show, how fast and convenient we will be personally for you.

Please use our websites for making orders:

==> Buying e-currencies: - for funding your account in Liberty Reserve (USD and EUR), Global Digital Pay (USD and EUR), C-Gold, Pecunix, Hoopay, Perfect Money, Paxum, PayPal, MoneyBookers, Neteller - for WebMoney in-exchange (wmz, wme, wmr…)

==> Selling e-currencies: - out-exchanging Liberty Reserve (USD and EUR), Global Digital Pay (USD and EUR), C-Gold, Pecunix, Hoopay, Perfect Money, Paxum - for withdrawals from WebMoney

==> Exchange one e-currency to another: - exchanges between Liberty Reserve (USD and EUR), Global Digital Pay (USD and EUR), C-Gold, Pecunix, Hoopay, Perfect Money, Paxum and exchanging all abovementioned currencies to PayPal, MoneyBookers, Neteller - exchanging one internal WebMoney currency to another wmz<>wme<>wmr plus exchange WM to PayPal, MoneyBookers, ePassporte, Neteller

Please contact our support team with all other questions/requests, they will answer your questions and will redirect you to someone from our specialists if needed:

Waiting for your orders!