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Hello and welcome to 3or3. We are LibertyReserve for cash exchangers. Your investment is essential for our work. Our programme is designed to ensure stability and long duration. We do not offer you big interests as we are not intending to endager your and our capital. Out of the 6% of the exchange interest we charge our exchangees, we offer you 3% and we get the other 3. Please note that the amount you invest is valid for 50 business days. That means you will get at the end of the investment period 150% including your principal investment. Please note that we are working five days a week and two days are off. Your withdrawal is processed within 6 to 48 hours of your request. We are not offering instant withdrawal because our work deponds on exchanging the e-currencies and because of security reasons that guarantee the safety of your and our money. In case, we are late in processing your withdrawal, please send us a support ticket. Our reputation is essential to comtinue our work effectively.
Plans: 3% daily for 50 days

Payment system:

Sign up here: http://3or3.biz/

Proof payment:

Date: 4/23/2012 4:03 PM
Batch: 92509151
From Account: U7536457 (3or3)
Amount: $1.20
Memo: Withdraw to RecordsHYIP.com from 3or3.biz

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